Who is censoring FB to silence „different opinions”?

Earlier today, I placed my comment under my sons FB post sharing this debate:

Spiked Magazine Panel – „Is the Left Eating Itself?”

Two times, within seconds, my comment was marked as spam and deleted. Third time, on the following day, it only took a fraction of a second – too fast for normal human reaction. Please see for yourself, if my comment was a spam or had anything that was inconsistent with the FB community rules. In my opinion, it was a blatant censorship for strictly political reasons. Their algorithms are getting better and we are sliding into a communist reality – fast.

Here is my comment that was marked as „spam”:

I agree with the first speaker, Brendan O’Neill, and will go further – I believe that this is not happening „by chance”. Someone (or something) wants it to happen. Why? Because it does not fit our new and brave reality of predatory capitalism, it does not fit with the corporate agendas, it does not fit the efforts leading to globalization and the so called New World Order. It also does not go well with our imperial wars.

How is it being done? Deception, diversion, and substitution of certain concepts to wipe them out from public consciousness and to move them away from public awareness and focus. To „swipe them under the carpet”. Who does it? Different foundations and organizations, usually fueled by corporate and/or private money.

This trend is not new, it was meticulously planned since early years of the XX century and, since then, it has been carried out by powerful foundations, think-tanks, some governments, the corporate media, our education system, and even some fake progressive media outlets.

„The Left”, traditionally, refers to the political and economic sphere, to ideology, to collective self-determination, to the public ownership of resources and means of production, to equal opportunity, fair access and fair distribution, to state regulation and consumer protection, to centralized economy, to socialism, for example the Swedish model of socialism in the XX century. The left means human rights, the whole spectrum of them, not just some new additions that did not even exist 50 years ago. Today, many of these ideas are hidden, demonized, re-defined or replaced with politically neutral substitutes. There are thousands of examples all around us and, if you are old enough, you will see in which direction these changes go.

Interesting observation: – Since ideology and religion are some of the concepts that are being faded out, we have to somehow satisfy our human hunger for doing something good and noble, so that we can feel good about ourselves. Very cleverly, this vacuum is being filled with politically and ideologically neutral activism, such as animal rights. Not that I oppose this type of activism, I support it with all my heart but not as a substitute for activities that promote democracy, human rights, social solidarity, awareness, consciousness, compassion, and consideration among human beings.

Ufff… this felt like giving a birth to a child – I guess, I don’t really know how that feels, but I can imagine. BTW, let me share my latest article on the topic of education: https://wp.me/p1tCPN-14V .