Political Divide: Uncivil Society

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(Ten wpis jest po angielsku ponieważ adresuję go do specyficznej grupy kanadyjskich czytelników.)

My comment:  Go on YouTube and search „Juri Bezmenov”. You will find many of his lectures explaining the mechanism which is today being used by different intelligence agencies. The summary of this phenomenon of today’s „civil war” is here:


It is not a coincidence, it is being implemented by design, together with many leftist reforms in education, language, media and culture in general, which promote fanaticism based on ideology and emotions rather than knowledge based on facts. We are witnessing a deliberate dumbing down of nations, where emotions and socialization replace rational and academic argument, where memorization replaces understanding.

What we see is an amazing phenomenon. While the concept and understanding of real human rights are being derailed and watered down by various substitutes, the sense of entitlement to dictate to others what they can or cannot do and even say „in my presence” is on the rise. So are the self-centered attitudes and world view. Diluted are also spirituality as well as intellectual and moral values, that are being replaced with fascination about technology and „effective techniques” or a myth about social status based on material and physical „success”. Democracy understood as a rule of majority is being destroyed by small groups rebelling against democratically elected governments or groups that are not able to accept the fact that other people have the right to hold and express different opinions and make different choices than their own. This is anarchy and autocracy, not democracy. Soon, we will not be able to criticize thieves, liars, and murderers because it will hurt their feelings and will be considered discriminatory.

These people are control freaks. Regardless of their obvious lack of competence and experience, they believe that they know it all the best because they just believe so. They have been influenced by indoctrination spewing from Soros-financed podcasts and their leftist professors. In addition, they are not consequent as they apply different standards to themselves than to all others. For example, they criticize the Catholic church for forcing its values on the LGBT community but, at the same time, they are forcing their values and beliefs on the rest of the society. We are seing a very dangerous rise of fascism, censorship, and a communist-style dictatorship.

Such attitudes and behaviours are defensive in nature. They are characteristic for people with low IQ and low sense of security, who feel threatened and therefore become followers of groups and trends, who need group identity to feel safer in the world that, for them, became void of higher meaning. This is where their materialism, conformism and opportunism come from. And they feel „offended”, when you tell them the truth about themselves. They even feel offended, when you reply to their offensive behaviour. Such is the world today, unfortunately.

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