Szumowski pozwany przez lekarkę! Nie ma żadnej epidemii COVID-19? Anna Martynowska

Komentarz:  W Kanadzie nie można włączyć radia w samochodzie, aby co trzy sekundy nie słyszeć „covid”, „covid”, covid”. Z wściekłosci mało nie wjechałem na słup. Ta paranoja jest celowo rozprzestrzeniana, to jest wojna psychologiczna, która jest częścią szerszej operacji, o której pisałem wcześniej.

Trzy dni temu, otrzymałem mejla od CEO (głównego szefa) kompanii ubezpieczeniowej, w której wykupiłem benefity (ubezpieczenie na lekarstwa, dentystę i leczenie szpitalne). W tym mejlu nie było nic na temat mojego ubezpieczenia. Było natomiast sporo straszenia i pouczeń nt. pandemii oraz jednostronne, lewackie poglądy nt. rozruchów w Stanach. Nie wytrzymałem i wysłałem mu ripostę. Publikuję ją poniżej w oryginalnym brzmieniu (w j. angielskim). Do dziś nie otrzymałem na nią odpowiedzi.


Dear Jim,

I am writing in response to your „Standing Together” email. I understand that many people are concerned about Covid-19 and seek reliable information on this topic. However, XXX/XXX is an insurance company, not a doctor’s office. I, like many other retired teachers, joined XXX/XXX for the purpose of securing health benefits for drugs, dental and hospital expenses. This is all I expect from XXX/XXX as a member. I do not need medical advice, this I have my professional doctors for. I don’t need any other activity from you outside of my benefits plan. Perhaps, if we could stick to the basics, your costs would not grow and our premiums would not have to increase repeatedly.

In particular, I am opposed to politicizing the issue of the so called „pandemic”. There is enough information available to be at least suspicious about it. The numbers do not justify the label, there is too much money and politics involved, too many doctors and scientists voice their doubts. In many countries, the number of deaths for the period from January to May 2020 is not higher than it had been in previous years. The number of cases in Canada definitely does not justify the status of a pandemic. The number of cases is compatible with annual flu statistics. More people die in car accidents and yet, we do not ban the traffic and close the highways. What kind of „deadly illness” causes about 85 percent of the affected „victims” to suffer no symptoms or very limited cold-like symptoms? Identification of causes of death raises many questions. Something is not adding up, there are forces that use this „pandemic” to implement and achieve other agendas. There is a lot of fear mongering in the media, in my opinion, completely unjustified. We don’t need any more of this.

Also, we are not students in the classroom to be told what to think, what to do, and what not to do. As you know, we went to school before the educational reforms implemented after 1997, so most of us are able to think independently, logically and critically, as well as to conduct good research and use information with comprehension. I, for example, do not appreciate being treated like a child.

In addition to my previous email to you, I would like to say that your comments regarding the riots in the US are another example of politicizing issues outside of the goals and mission of the XXX/XXX. The world is divided on this topic. Not all of us share the opinions of the leftists who are trying to use these unfortunate events to advance their political goals. This is not what XXX/XXX should be dealing with, and certainly not from such an angle.

Please do not feel obliged to respond to my email, if you are going to send me a standard corporate, general reply focusing on all the good things that XXX/XXX is doing. This would be a waste of your time and my time, as this is not what I am writing about. I am writing about a very specific issue.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Kind regards,
Lech Biegalski

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